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Trafo Trafindo

As a leading supplier of Trafindo transformers in Indonesia, Hidup Baru Electric provides various types of Trafindo transformers, including 400 KVA transformers. 400 KVA distribution transformer with specifications: Input 20 KV, Output 400 Volt, DYN 5 or YNYN 0/ Central Java, 3ph, 50 Hertz. Oil/onan type, indoor or outdoor standard.

We also serve special specifications according to needs, with a 2 year guarantee. With professional customer service and extensive experience in this industry, we are ready to assist you in selecting and purchasing a transformer that suits your needs.

Trafindo 400 KVA Transformer Specifications

The Trafindo 400 KVA transformer is a trusted solution for large-scale electricity needs. With sophisticated specifications and reliable performance, this transformer is the main choice for various industries and infrastructure projects. Following are some of the main specifications of this transformer:

Trafindo 400 kVA Dyn-5 Transformer Product Specifications

Capacity / Power: 400 kVA

20Kv/400V.50Hz/3P Dyn-5

Estimated Dimensions (mm) : L (1390) x W (860) x H (1340)

Transformer/Transformer Total Weight: (+-) 1450 kg

Voltage: As per industry standards

Material: Made of high quality materials for maximum reliability

Efficiency: High, resulting in little power loss

Protection: Equipped with a sophisticated protection system to prevent electrical interference and fire

Trafindo 400 KVA Transformer Application

The Trafindo 400 KVA transformer can be used in a variety of applications, including:

Industry: For production and factory operational purposes

Commercial: For office buildings, shopping centers and other commercial complexes

Infrastructure: For development projects such as power plants, distribution stations, and others

Price of Trafindo 400 KVA Transformer

The price of a Trafindo 400 KVA transformer may vary depending on additional specifications and market conditions. However, with us, Hidup Baru Electric as the official distributor of well-known transformers in Indonesia, you can get competitive and affordable offers. Don't hesitate to contact us to get the best price quote.

Contact Us to Purchase Trafindo 400 KVA Transformer

Don't hesitate to contact us today for further consultation or to make a purchase. We are committed to providing the best electrical solutions at competitive prices. Life Baru Electric, your trusted partner in meeting your electricity needs.

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