Distribution Transformer Trafindo 2500 KVA

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Trafo Trafindo

Life Baru Electric is the best choice as a well-known transformer distributor in Indonesia. We provide various types of Trafindo transformers, including the 2500 KVA Trafindo transformer, with competitive prices and guaranteed quality.

Trafindo 2500 KVA Transformer Specifications

The Trafindo 2500 KVA transformer is the ideal choice to meet large-scale electricity needs in various industries. With its large capacity, this transformer is able to handle high electrical loads with high efficiency and reliable performance. Equipped with the latest technology, Trafindo 2500 KVA transformers offer a stable and consistent electricity supply to keep your operations running smoothly.

Product Specifications:

2500 KVA distribution transformer with specifications: Input 20 KV, Output 400 Volt, DYN 5 or YNYN 0/ Central Java, 3ph, 50 Hertz. Oil/onan type, indoor or outdoor standard.

Transformers | Trafindo 2500 kVA Dyn-5 transformer

Capacity: 2500 kVA

20Kv/400V.50Hz/3P Dyn-5

Estimated Dimensions (mm) : L (2080) x W (1510) x H (2220)

Total Transformer/Transformer Weight: (+-) 4700 kg

We also serve special specifications according to needs, with a 2 year guarantee.

Trafindo 2500 KVA Transformer Catalog

With its large size and capacity, this Trarfindo Transformer is suitable for various industrial and commercial projects.

Get access to the complete catalog of Trafindo 2500 KVA transformers from Life Baru Electric. We provide various types of Trafindo transformers with various capacities and specifications, including 2500 KVA transformers, to meet your electricity needs. Explore our catalog and find the best solution for your project.

Trafindo 2500 KVA Transformer Dimensions

The Trafindo 2500 KVA transformer has sturdy and compact dimensions, allowing easy and efficient installation. For more specific dimensional details, contact our team at Life Baru Electric. We will be happy to provide the information you need to ensure this transformer fits your space and application needs.

Price of Trafindo 2500 KVA Transformer

Get the best offer for the Trafindo 2500 KVA transformer only at Life Baru Electric. We offer competitive prices on these high-quality transformers, so you can make a smart investment for your electricity needs.

Contact us now to get a price quote that fits your budget. As a leading distributor in Indonesia, we provide various types of Trafindo transformers with professional and responsive service. Trust us with your electrical needs, and we'll help you find the best solution for your project.

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