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Trafindo Standard transformer DSPLN D3 for phase 1 and phase 3 which refers to SPLN: D 3002-1:2007 (Non-CSP) and 3,002 SPLN: D-2:2008 (CSP) has been adapted to the standards of the PLN 2007 so that more efficient and menukung electricity distribution in Indonesia.

SPLN D3.002-1: 2007

Specifications of Distribution Transformers Part 1: Three Phase Transformers, 20 kV - 400 V and Single Phase Transformers, 20 kV - 231 V and 20 / v3 kV - 231 V 1


This standard specifies the requirements of a distribution transformer with the ONAN cooling method; rated power up to 2500 kVA; rated voltage: -

phase three transformer

: 20 kV - 400V

single phase transformer

: 20 kV - 231 V and 20 / v3 kV - 231 V

which is used in the environment of PT PLN (Persero). Excluded from this standard, distribution transformers are as follows: -

Voltage boost transformer for small scale generator (YNd5 vector group).

Single phase transformer with its own safety (DPS / CSP).


As a guideline for the procurement and ordering of transformers for units of PT PLN (Persero) as well as provisions for design, manufacture and testing for manufacturers, suppliers and testing institutions. In specific uses, PT PLN (Persero) can set further specifications according to their needs and experience.

Normative Reference

Unless specifically stated, the provisions of this standard follow the latest revisions of the following standards: a.

SNI 04-6954.1, Power Transformer - Part 1: General;

IEC 60076-1: 2000, Power transformers - Part 1: General;

SNI 04-6954.2, Power transformers - Part 2: Temperature rise;

IEC 60076-2: 1997, Power transformers - Part 2: Temperature rise;

IEC 60076-3: 2000, Power transformers - Part 3: Insulation levels, dielectric tests and external clearances in air;

SPLN D3.002-1: 2007

IEC 60076-4: 2002, Power transformers - Part 4: Guide to lightning impulse and switching impulse testing of power transformers and reactors;

IEC 60076-5: 2006, Power transformers - Part 5: Ability to withstand short-circuit;

IEC 60076-7: 2005, Power transformers - Part 7: Loading guides for oil-immersed power transformers;

IEC 60076-8: 1997, Power transformers - Part 8: Application guide;

IEC 60076-10: 2001, Power transformers - Part 10: Determination of sound levels;

IEC 60076-13: 2006, Power transformers - Part 13: Self-protected liquid-filled transformers;

IEC 60296, Fluid for electrotechnical applications - Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear;

IEC 60137, Insulated bushings for alternating voltages above 1000 V;

SPLN 67-2C: 1986, Specific conditions in Indonesia, Part two: Control and quality control.

Terms and Definitions of Transformers by ONAN cooling method

Transformers with entanglement cooling media in the form of oil with natural circulation mechanism and external cooling media in the form of air with natural circulation mechanism.

Transfomator with own safety (DPS / CSP - Completely Self Protected)

Distribution transformers are equipped with an overcurrent safety system placed in the transformer tank in the form of fuse on the primary side and circuit breaker on the secondary side, and on the primary side outside the tank is equipped with lightning arrester .

Hermetically sealed transformer

The transformer is closed in such a way that there is no exchange between its contents and the outside atmosphere. Airtight transformers can be divided into: hermetically sealed fully filled and hermetically sealed inert gas cushion.

SPLN D3.002-1: 2007

Hermetically-sealed fully filled

The airtight transformer with oil fills up the entire space in the tank.

Hermetically sealed inert gas cushion

Airtight transformers with oil fill the space in the tank to a certain height (soaking the iron core, entanglement and tapping modifiers), while the remaining space above is filled by a certain gas, usually N2 (Nitrogen).
Primary entanglement

Entanglement that receives active power from resources. Secondary winding Entanglement that transmits active power to the load circuit.

The terminal phase is meant for the connection to the conductor of the system phase.

Identified voltage (Ur) The voltage to be applied, or obtained in a no-load condition, between the phase terminal of the main phase three-phase transformer winding or between the winding terminals of the main phase of the single-phase transformer.

Rated voltage ratio The ratio of the rated voltage of a winding to the rated voltage of another winding.
Identifier frequency (fr) The frequency at which the transformer is designed to operate.
Identifying power (Sr) Conventional power values ​​(in kVA or MVA), which are used as the basis for design, manufacturer, testing and which determine the rated current value at rated voltage, under conditions specified by this standard.

SPLN D3.002-1: 2007

Identifying current (Ir) The current flowing through the winding phase terminal, obtained from the winding rated power divided by the rated voltage and phase factor. The phase three phase transformer factor is v3 and the single phase transformer is 1.

Principal tapping Lead that determines the amount of recognition

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