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ICA UPS CS Series, its the inverter only works if the input AC voltage conditions in low or none at all. When the AC input voltage is in normal condition, the UPS ICA will stabilize and filter the input voltage of the AC supply voltage AC, as well as a stable for the output of the UPS charges its battery, as well as ICA. When the AC input voltage is low or missing, the inverter will replace it and supply voltage AC that is stable with a very short transfer time. NG = "1" cellspacing = "1" style = "width: 500px;" > ICA UPS CS SERIES SPECIFICATIONS Model UPS CS638 UPS CS1238 Capacity 600 VA/300 W 1200 VA/600 W AC VoltageTD > 160-250 V 160-250 V AC Current 1.6 A 2.96 A AC Frequency 50 3 3 Hz 50 3 3 Hz AC Protection Fuse 3.15 A 6.3 A DC INT Battery 1 x 12 V, 7 Ah 2 x 12 V, 7 Ah /tr > DC Protection Fuse 40 A 40 A INV Waveform SYNTHESIZED SINEWAVE SYNTHESIZED SINEWAVE INV Voltage 220 3 5% V 220 3 5% V INV Frequency 50 3 1% Hz 50 3 1% Hz INV Efficiency Back Up Time 10 min 10 min Indicator LED

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