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Starting Transformer Centrado
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08 Jul 2020
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Specification of Starting Transformer Centrado

Starting Transformer Centrado

Starting transformers are transformers belonging to the low voltage transformers. It has a 3 HP to 1500 HP. We as a distributor transformer can secure community Centrado Centrado transformer can withstand the test in a high-voltage electric to 50Hz / 60Hz and against impulse voltage according IEC standards and standards of Indonesia (SPLN and SLI).

Specifications Starting Transformer Centrado

We as a reliable distributor Centrado transformer provides a transformer with detailed specifications and advantages:

- Primary Voltage: Adjusted for voltage distribution system in Indonesia, namely: 6 KV 12 KV, 20KV and 24 KV. Tapping the primary voltage is done with the commutator (Tap-Changer) in an empty load on the primary side

- Voltage Secondary: Side of the secondary voltage at the load space can be made 133 V / 231 V (B1) and 231 V / 400 V (B2) or with the conditions of 133 V / 231 V only 75% and at 231 V / 400 V, so that 100% of normal strength

- The system is driven tapping for voltage adjustment + 4%, + 2.5% or 5%. For transformers with a capacity of 100 KVA can be made 2 primary voltage commutator switch / transfer voltage construction outside of the tank, so as to facilitate use with multiple functions can be locked for security

- Core Transformer: Made of Grain Oriented Silicon Steel 0.27 mm M4 are designed to ensure the mechanical strength, reduce vibration and muffle the noise with low iron loss

- Coils: Made by high berkonstruksi copper. The coils on the high voltage side are made by insulated copper wire enamel, and on the side of low voltage insulated wire made of paper

- Terminal: Terminal using high voltage porcelain insulators or Elastimold Synthetic Resin. Low voltage terminals using porcelain insulation with a current of more than 1000A with synthetic resin insulated copper

- Oil: Serves dual as insulation and cooling
- Capacity: 3 HP up to 1500 HP
- Primary: 220-380 V
- Secondary: 0% - 50% - 65% - 80% - 100%

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