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Current Transformer Trafindo CTB-24 Indoor
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Specification of Current Transformer Trafindo CTB-24 Indoor

Current Transformer Indoor TRAFINDO CTB-24

Transformer Series CTB-24 is one of a range of products distributor manifold TRAFINDO Indoor transformer. There are two types, namely Indoor and Outdoor. We as a distributor of transformers TRAFINDO CTB-24 provides a transformer of this type are designed, processed, and tested in accordance with IEC 60044-1 publication, amendments, and specific standards such as ANSI (IEEE), BS, AS and DIN. Indoor transformer weighs 35 kg has a number of iron core in 1, 2 or 3.

Current Transformer Specifications TRAFINDO CTB-24 Indoor

- Highest System Voltage: 24 kV
- Rated Primary Current: 5 to 3200 A
- Rated Short-time Thermal Current: Up to 50kA / 3s [Depend on Rated Primary Current, Accuracy Class & Burden]
- Accuracy Class: Measurement: 0,2S, 0,2, 0,5S, 1, 0,5FS5, 0,5FS10
- Protection: 10P10, 5P10, 5P15, 5P20, PX
- Rated Burden: Up to 30 VA Outputs higher than 40VA are available upon request

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